Zero is the Leaves on the Tree is a simple picture book that provides tons of examples for what exactly zero means. It shows kids in a clear and understandable manner that zero represents the absolute presence of nothing.


In the book, Zero is the Leaves on the Tree, each page provides a concrete example that any child will understand means nothing. For example, the text mentioned that zero is the number of bikes on the last day of school. Another time, the text says zero is the amount of sound you hear when snowflakes fall on your glove during a snowfall.


Although this text is simple, my teacher mind was spinning as I was reading. I could definitely see a teacher utilizing the book in the classroom in order to help students have concrete examples of the abstract concept of zero. Understanding zero is difficult for young students, and I thought this book gave simple, yet clear examples.


To expand upon the text, I would then have my students create and illustrate their own depictions of what zero represents to them. For example, in my house, zero would be the amount of pizza left after my husband comes home from work. There is no doubt that young students will be sure to come up with some creative examples of what zero means to them.

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