Worm Weather was recently the dollar book special for Scholastic this spring. Naturally, I had to buy it! It was a dollar book that I didn’t already own, so Worm Weather needed to join my book collection.


The rainy day setting of Worm Weather will be very familiar to young readers. The text is simple, and it follows a rhyming pattern. Worm Weather brings in a ton of onomatopoeia as it follows kids and their play activities through a spring rainy day. 


This book is clearly designed for very young readers. I would categorize it for readers ages 1-4 years old.  The illustrations are vibrant, and each page only has a couple of words. The book design is age-appropriate for our youngest readers. In my opinion, the simple text matches well with the soft illustrations designed by illustrator, Matt Hunt.


Teachers, if you are looking for a simple poetry book or a book that would fit a preschool weather unit, then Worm Weather is for you!

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