I cannot go through this holiday season without sharing the 2018 Caldecott winning book, Wolf in the Snow! 


Friends, this book is just breath-taking! Every image that Matthew Cordell created is soft and so gentle. They fit the word-less book just brilliantly.


The limited color palette in this book allows the little girl in the pages to shine through on every page. You watch her struggle through the snowstorm on her way home from school.


You see her heart reach out to a little, lost wolf who has lost his way and can no longer find his pack.


You see the two of them continue together through the whirling snowstorm as they both struggle to find the little wolf's family.


I am always amazed at how images can evoke such a beautiful story and so much emotion. Clearly, this is why Matthew Cordell won the coveted Caldecott award.


Don't be surprised when you see that this story does not have any text. This story is entirely told through his illustrations. He utilizes zero words, but the power of his talent and story-telling through his illustrations shine through.

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