When I first heard of Wild Robot, by Peter Brown, I wasn’t sure I was going to like it. Science fiction novels tend to be my least favorite genre when it comes to my choice reading. But all the rave reviews of Wild Robot convinced me to give this novel a try, and I am glad I did!


To start off, Peter Brown is an author that I am familiar with. I actually use his picture book, My Teacher is a Monster!, to teach my classroom expectations every year. His books bring in a unique mix of humor and creativity that my fourth-grade students really seem to love. I was excited to hear that Peter Brown had expanded into chapter books, and I was not surprised at all when Wild Robot became a hit among my lower readers. It is an engaging text within an easier text band. Plus, Brown’s illustrations are scattered all throughout the text. This really helps my struggling readers!


The focus of the story is about a robot named ROZZUM Unit 7134, or Roz for short. After a terrible storm, Roz is the only robot of her kind that has made it to a small island. All other ROZZUM units were destroyed in the storm. By a stroke of luck, Roz is accidentally turned on by some curious otters and with that, her story begins.


Roz’s beginning days on the island are lonely. The animals are all fearful of this new monster that has arrived on their island. But Roz is programmed to survive. Her robot instincts kick in and she beings learning the land, survival techniques, and how to speak the language of the animals around her. Things get even more interesting when Roz must befriend the animals that fear her. In her desperation to save a little duckling for certain death, Roz and the animals begin to rely on each other for the strength they all need to overcome the power of nature and the robots that are looking for their missing Roz.


Be sure to check out Part 2 of Roz’s adventure. The Wild Robot Escapes was released on March 13th, 2018.


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