Every child has made the statement, "When I grow up, I am going to…"

I can remember all the time when I would say things like, when I grow up I am going to eat all the chocolate I want before bedtime.


When I grow up, I am going to sleep in as late as I want.


When I grow up, I am never going to force my kids to go to an antique store after antique store.


When I grow up, I will buy as many books that I want.


Every child has their expectations about what life will be like when he or she grows up. Usually, those expectations are completely off-track on what being a grown-up really entails. But it doesn't stop any child for wishing for the freedom that they get to have when they are grown up. 


Tim Minchin's book, When I Grow Up, focuses entirely on this concept.


In his book, the children are making statements on everything that they are going to do when they are grown-up. Naturally, just like we were all way off-track on our ideas of what it is like to be a real grown-up. The children in Tim Minchin's book are also way off-track.  

None-the-less, the book is endearing and so cute. Every page is charismatic in both the children's ideas on what it is like to be a grown up and the illustrations that are paired with each page. The illustrator, Steve Antony just nailed the child-like ideals on each page of the text. 

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