Hard times really hit author and artist, Samantha Berger when her apartment flooded. She was only able to escape with her dog and her sketchbook. Samantha was devastated. She was in the middle of a huge, creative project, and she was left with nothing.  Well, nothing except for a new possible story idea.


What If... tells the story of a little girl imagining all the different ways she could continue her story if she were to lose her different writing tools, such as her pencil, her paper, etc. The book paints just a beautiful illustration and message as it provides encouragement through the little girl’s ability to constantly find a new way to spread her words. She uses her voice, her movement, and her mind continue the journey of her creativity.


What I love most about the story, What If…, was how Samantha Berger was to utilize her own personal experience as a means to pull herself up from tragedy. Not only did she pull herself up and continue her own journey, but she also created an amazing book to encourage children in hard times to do the same thing during their hard times as well.

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