Chris Grabenstein knows intermediate readers. He gets them! Every novel of his that I have picked up has been an instant hit amongst my fourth grades. They devour his books, and there is always, always a waiting list for the newest Grabenstein novel that I pick up for my students.


The reason why Grabenstein’s novels are so popular among intermediate readers (grades 4th – 8th) is because they are super engaging, funny, and creative from their very first pages to their last. Grabenstein truly has a writing style that is different from any other writer out there in the world of children’s literature right now, and kids gravitate toward it. They love his goofy characters, his crazy plotlines, and the wacky illustrations, codes, and puzzles that are loaded within every one of his books.


Welcome to Wonderland: Home Sweet Motel is another brilliant novel by Grabenstein. In my opinion, it is actually my favorite Grabenstein book that I have ever read, and I have read almost all of his books.


Welcome to Wonderland tells the story of a boy named P.T. P.T and his family own the wacky Wonderland Motel. This hotel is different than any other hotel anyone has ever visited. The hotel is formulated from the eccentric mind of P.T.’s grandfather, and it is packed with over-the-top figurines, wild entertain, and surprise perks everywhere guests turn.


But, there is a massive problem. P.T.’s grandfather took out a massive loan for the motel, and the bank wants their money back now… or else. On top of that, dangerous criminals have been seen wandering the grounds of Wonderland Motel. Clearly, they are up to something.


Can P.T. develop a crazy plan to help save his home? Will he figure out what the crime-loving brothers are up to? Check out Welcome to Wonderland: Home Sweet Motel. The book will surprise you with every new page, and the ended will not be at all the way you picture it!


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