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As you can see, I just adored this new picture book. It gave me all the right feels. So much so, that I chatted my husband’s ear off about this book after I read it. I even told him that this book was right up there with Maurice Sendak’s famous book, Where the Wild Things Are. The message and the illustrations just captured my heart in the same way as Where the Wild Things Are. For an untrained eye, this book is just a cute chapter book, but for the reading guru, this book is a win from beginning the end! Teachers, this is a must purchase for your classroom library!


Unplugged focuses on the over-utilization of technology within our world today. But, it does so in a manner where it reaches our kids. As a mother and teacher myself, I see the power of technology. I see the power of how it engages my daughter and my students. AND! A big and, I see the power of how technology sucks the kids I love in. To the point that they are no longer focused on being kids. Steve Antony sees the same danger of technology as well. Therefore, we have the book Unplugged to the rescue.


In the story, a little BLIP is plugged into technology. But suddenly, tragedy happens… the power goes out! Now, BLIP must figure out what to do. At a loss of what's next, BLIP ends up outside. At this point, the illustrations in the book come alive. No longer in its initial black and white picture forms, when BLIP enters nature, the pictures come alive with full color. (AHHHH! Love it. See how it fits Where the Wild Things Are) Once outside, the pure magic of this story takes place. Nature allows BLIP to experience the adventures that come alive when you unplug.


Author’s Note: If you are unsure of what my Where the Wild Things connection fits, please go read this classic again. When Max enters deeper into the Land of the Wild Things the pictures take up more and more of the page. At the deepest point of Max’s life with the Wild Things, the illustrations take up the entire page. Then, when Max decided to come back to reality, the pictures decrease until he is found again in his bedroom. #MauriceSendakisaGenius

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