Do you like happy book endings? Well, I do! This book is so understandable and great. I chose the book because it’s one of my favorite books in the whole world. I recommend it to a 1st-2nd-grade level, and sometimes 3rd to 4th.


If you love pugs like I do, then you have to read the book, Unloveable.  It's about a dog. His name is Alfred, and he has been bullied because the other animals all think he is ugly. This book reminds me of all the books I read with a happy ending.


In the end, it was a happy ending. It was great and the surprise at the end really got me. It was great and amazing to read. This book is a really quick read but it really grabbed my attention, even for me!


This book was like he was treated like a poor thing.  Alfred was interesting; he was fun. He was treated poorly, and I really felt bad for him at first. Honestly, I would feel bad for myself if anything like that happened to me.


Alfred is a nice person but he gets bullied a lot. For example, the other dogs say he is ugly or unlovable, that he isn't scary, that he is a wimp. I think he is lovable and adorable. He lives with a cat and the cat doesn't treat Alfred kindly. He just gets bullies him all the time.


But one day. Someone new moved in and they had a dog. But of course, Alfred was too small to see. Alfred said, “Hello.”


Someone replied to him he asked, “What breed are you?”


Alfred said he was a golden retriever. Because he thought his breed was dumb and unlovable. One day, Rex, the other dog, dug a hole under the fence. Alfred tried to hide, but instead, there is a big surprise.


Alfred is trying to be nice to others but the others are never nice to him. Alfred tries to be nice to the cat that he has to live with him, but he just really needs a friend. The end was just the best part of the book. It just made me freeze.  

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