I love Amy Krouse Rosenthal! I love every book of hers that I pick up. I love her enduring stories and vibrant book designs, and I especially love her positive messages for young girls. Uni the Unicorn just reaffirmed my love for all things Amy Krouse Rosenthal! I loved curling up with this book about a unicorn’s dream of one day meeting a little girl. This unicorn, named Uni, of course, is all things perfect when it comes to the design and makeup of what a unicorn is supposed to be. She has the majestic hair, the golden hooves, and the pointy horn. Yet, deep inside herself, Uni yearns to meet the little girl of her dreams. Despite the mocking of her peers and the doubting looks of her parents, Uni continues to dream for that little girl.


Unknowingly, there is indeed a little girl not far that is yearning for Uni in return. At the end of Uni’s story, you are met with a parallel story of a little girl who matches Uni’s experiences identically. Naturally, we all know who that little girl is and we excitedly wait for both their dreams to come true. Check out the first story of Uni! I can only wait for more Unit stories to come soon!


Sequel: Uni the Unicorn and the Dream Come True (Bet you can guess what happens in this story)



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