Never tell yourself that you are ugly because you really are beautiful. Don’t let anybody tell you that you are ugly. That is not true. Everyone has a little beauty inside them. Try to find yours when reading Ugly by Robert Hodge. It is a true story about the author and he has a deformed face and half a leg. He was born like that. It is a sad story.


My favorite part of Ugly was how he told his life. It is not a fiction story and his life was full of events and surgeries. They got him a lot of face things to make it look like he was normal. It was like the book, Wonder but I think it was better. This story was very inspirational and in some parts it made me want to cry a little. This book is one of my favorite. I loved it. This book is for all ages! It is the best book.


The lesson I learned in this story is that everyone is beautiful and you should never think you are ugly and you don’t need eyeshadow, lipstick, or highlights to make you look beautiful, because you already are. Those are all options for yourself, but you are beautiful on the inside. So don't think you are ugly. Think you are beautiful.


I would recommend this to all ages because it has a huge life lesson or theme. I absolutely loved this book because of the huge life lesson. It was super encouraging to other people. If you don't have this book on your bookshelf, buy it now! You really need this book if you are looking for something to do, go to the library and get it and read!


I loved this book because it had two major things that stuck out to me. The first thing was that there was a major life lesson, and the second thing was that there was a good age recommendation. I loved this book. Maybe you should read it!

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