How would you feel if you were judged by your shoes? Well, in the text, Those Shoes, a little boy really wants a pair of stylish shoes but his grandma can’t afford them. To add on, this little boy is very disappointed. Read Those Shoes by Maribeth Boelts to find out if the little boy will get teased.


In my opinion, no one should get judged by what they wear. Every person is different. Every elementary student gets judges at some point in their lives. The little boy in this story was the same.  He got judged and he was in elementary school. I don’t think he liked being judged by his shoes.


Every child wishes that they have the best shoes. This little boy sure doesn’t have the shoes he wishes for. There is a very sweet little boy but he doesn’t get treated very sweet at all. He keeps getting laughed at because of his shoes. He doesn’t have the trendy ones everyone else does. He has to wear the uncool shoes his grandma could afford.


If your shoe broke during P.E.,  you would probably put on an extra pair of shoes that you have. This little boy couldn’t. This little boy had to go to the extra clothes bin. He was not happy at all. He had to wear the ugliest pair of shoes. That was of course in his opinion.


 In conclusion, this little boy had a rough day. The author Maribeth Boelts created the book, Those Shoes, because she wanted to show kids not to judge. This book is age recommended for preschoolers and elementary students. The lesson of the story is don’t judge by the way people look.

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