Matthew is convinced that this Christmas is going to be the worst one in history.


In the book, The Worst Christmas Ever, Matthew and his family have just moved to California.


Matthew struggles to adjust to his new life in California. He quickly realizes that trees do not change colors and they are not seasons in California.


Matthew’s hatred of his new home only grows when it is time to get his family’s Christmas tree. To Matthew, Christmas cannot exist without snow. His angry steam out with him as he claims that "only a miracle"


Any hope for his Christmas miracle disappears the moment his beloved dog, Jasper disappears while the two are outside. Matthew's heart breaks over the loss of his best friend.


As the days to Christmas quickly approach Matthew's spirit to fall to an all-time low.


Like miracles often do, Matthew’s Christmas takes an unexpected turn at his church’s Christmas Eve service. With Matthew’s hope in the Christmas magic be returned or will he truly face his worst Christmas ever.


This sweet Christmas story by Kathleen Long Bostrom is a must-add to any family’s holiday collection. It is adorable from the beginning to the end. The message of this holiday story focuses on how miracles look different, and it is not about having the perfect Christmas.


The miracle of Christmas is not dependent on gifts or even snow. The true miracle of Christmas is spending the holiday surrounded by the friends, family, and pets that you love.


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