I love having biographies of inspirational figures present within my classroom library. I really strive to make sure that my students have access to lots of texts that teach them about the amazing things people all over the world have done, and are currently doing, to positively influence the world.


I strive to make sure all cultures, backgrounds, and genders are represented throughout these biographies in my classroom library because I want students to find someone that speaks to them and their passions. I want my students to find that person that they can look up too and they can strive to be like someday.


It occurred to me one day that I was failing to make the same conscious effort in my daughter’s library. Her library is packed with great books, but they are all the same. Every one of them is a cute little story with a great message. As a teacher I know better, I know I need to expose her to lots of genres! I especially need to expose her to great stores of real-life people.


 I needed to find a toddler-friendly biography book!


In my mission to find a biography book for my 4-year-old, I came across Joan Holub and Daniel Roode’s book titled This Little Trailblazer: A Girl Power Primer book, and I fell in love. It is just perfect! This Little Trailblazer was totally written for little readers like my daughter.


Through its bright illustrations and repetitive lingo, This Little Trailblazer highlights ten amazing women, and it spotlights 12 more women quickly in the back of the book. That means in less than 15 pages, This Little Trailblazer will introduce your young reader to 22 influential women that have changed history!


This Little Trailblazer: A Girl Power Primer book is the perfect biography to add to my daughter's library, and I highly recommend it for your child's library. I love making sure that my daughter's books highlight strong women and their huge contributions to make our world a better place! 

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