Do you ever wonder about crabs? Are they just crawling shells with pinchers? Well, after I read the book Incredible Crabs by Jerry Pallotta and Tom Leonard, I realized they're much, MUCH more than that!


In the text, Incredible Crabs, the authors, Jerry Pallotta and Tom Leonard teaches the reader about the alphabet and crabs at the same time. This caught my attention because I like crabs and I didn't know much about crabs before I read this book. The thought I had about this was “This book will be good for me.” And it was! To add on, you should know that it is illegal to eat any crab while reading this book. The authors did this because he has done a whole lot of other animal-alphabet books, and he likes to eat crabs. At least, that’s what the book says.


The characters, the Crabs, are not selfish. They are shellfish! The important thing I find about this is that the crabs want children to learn about them. And they are also show-hogs. KIDDING, KIDDING! These crabs are nice to everyone, everywhere. As I say this, I am realizing that most crabs are not hostile. This is giving me the idea that the characters are really nice.


I think the main idea of the text is to help younger kids learn about crabs. I say this because the authors made this entire book about crabs. Parents, if you have a younger child at home who does not know about crabs or letters at all, you should read them this book. It’s a recommendation for kids to read. I promise you, this is amazing. Even my friends love it!


(P.S. if you are afraid of crabs, do not read this book.)

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