Poetry! It is such a hard skill to teach. Add in the fact that the Common Core State Standards requires children to not only read, write, and be exposed to different elements of poetry, but they must also be able to identify and analyze the specific elements of poetry within the actual poems themselves.


Yikes! Poetry standards are seriously tough. They are tough for students to master, and they are tough for teachers to teach. One of the biggest hurdles I have had with poetry standards is finding age-appropriate resources that have all the elements of poetry present within the text. Thank goodness, I just found Wong Herbert Yee’s book, Summer Days and Nights. It is packed with great poetry elements, and it has both kid-friendly text and a fun topic! Hello, teacher score!


If I could change anything about the book, Summer Days and Nights, I would absolutely change the design of the book. The version I have is a mini book which is never a great option for teachers. In addition, the illustrations are simple and lack vibrant colors. For a book centered around the theme of summer, I think the illustrations could have been way more engaging and colorful. That being said, the text is the winning element of this book, and it is definitely one I will be putting in my poetry collection at school.


So teachers, if you are looking for a poetry text full of rhyme, metaphors, similes, onomatopoeia, and many more elements of poetry, look no further than Wong’s book, Summer Days and Nights.

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