Do you have a unique pet? If you do, you will really like this book. The book, Strictly No Elephants by Lisa Mantchev, has a cool lesson.


The lesson is amazing because the author teaches about a lesson that could actually happen in real life during this book. The lesson the author teaches us is that if you are unique, it is okay. It is really cool to see that the author added in a really good lesson.


The illustrations in this book are so pretty because they are detailed. As you read, the pictures tell a whole other story. Also, they are so cute.  The author tells you what is going to happen next without spoiling it. It is so funny to see the characters’ faces change throughout the whole text.


The wording in this story is also important because the words are super detailed about everything that is happening in the text. Also, the pages have fun wording so the younger kids will have fun reading the text. It is really awesome to have good wording in the text.


I would recommend this book to kids in preschool or kindergarten because they would learn but also have fun with it. I think if you have a younger sibling that you should read the book Strictly No Elephants to them. I should know, I have a younger sister that is in kindergarten.  

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