Frankie is one smart cookie. Not only does she have an amazing talent for baking all types of cookies for her family’s B&B, she also has a creative mind for solving problems. The biggest problem on her plate right now, finding her dad a new wife.


Tragedy hit Frankie’s family when she was a baby. Her mother was killed in a horrible car accident one night during a bad rainstorm. Since her mother’s death, Frankie, her dad, and her grandmother have opened up a B&B in order to achieve their mother’s dream for her.


After many years, Frankie feels like her family is missing a piece, and she is missing a mom. She sets upon herself to create a dating profile for her dad. She conducts many interviews, and she slowly she realizes there are problems in her family that are bigger than her dad's dating life. Check out Smart Cookie, by Ellie Swartz, to see how Frankie manages to find a solution for all her problems.

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