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Billy Johnson And His Duck Are Explorers by Mathew New

Billy Johnson loves to explore. Adventure runs in his veins, and he has a knack for finding it.... along with a lot of trouble!

In this fun graphic novel, titled Billy Johnson and His Duck Are Explorers, Billy and his favorite sidekick, Barrace, are on a mission. It is their goal to prove to the Explorers League that they are ready to be deemed Ace Explorers.

After all, as a child of two of the best explorers, Billy knows that exploring is deep within his blood. He yearns for an adventure and sets off for a journey he could never prepare for.

My 4th-graders are going to love Billy Johnson and His Duck are Explorers. It is a brightly colored and illustrated graphic novel. This format is absolutely the favorite amongst my students right now. I see them instantly gravitating to this format.

In addition to loving the graphic novel format of the story, they will also love the fun pairing of Billy and his duck. It is wacky, and upper elementary students love all things wacky and weird. What is not to love about a professor that is also a duck?!?!

The mix of adventure and historical places to explore will also be a hit for elementary students. They love adventure, and they will love jumping into this fun graphic novel.

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