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How to Be a Person by Catherine Newman

How to Be a Person is an adorably crafted how-to book. From beginning to end, your young readers will love utilizing this informational text to learn all sorts of grown-up responsibilities.

The beginning of the book focuses on manners and social etiquettes. It has everything from how to address a new person, send a requesting e-mail, and help those around in the community. Additionally, the book addresses hot to show respect to elders and how to care for little ones.

After focusing on manners and social etiquettes, the book cascades through a wide variety of everyday skills. It dedicates a chapter to teaching students how to do basic chores. From there, it transitions to easy recipes and life skills, such as managing money and opening a bank account.

Throughout the entirety of this book, the advice within this book is practical, age-appropriate, and it speaks to the readers in a clear and kind manner. Thought and time were clearly put into the presentation of every one of the skills addressed. Many were given in a step-by-step organizational pattern, and they had basic illustrations to help communicate with its readers.

As a parent, the time I spent reading this book was a real eye-opener. It made me realize there are a lot of everyday skills that I need to be focusing on teaching my children. With the fast pace of life today, it is easy to realize that you are missing your opportunity to teach your children the basic life skills they will need to be successful on their own someday.

How to Be A Person is a great book for families to utilize as they prepare their children to grow up and set out on their own someday.

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