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Salma the Syrian Chef by Danny Ramadan

Salma the Syrian Chef is a diverse picture book about a young girl doing everything she can to make her mother happy.

Salma and her mother are new to the country. They have moved from Syria, and they both are missing their home and family that they had to leave behind.

Salma's heart hurts every time she sees how sad her mother looks. She knows her mother is homesick for Syria, so Salma decides to surprise her mom by making their favorite Syrian dish from home

It doesn't take long before Salma realizes that she is in over her head. But thanks to the help of some wonderful neighbors, Salma is able to pull off her big surprise from home.

This picture book is a beautiful depiction of how all cultures are beautiful. The love between Salma and her mother shows that families can always make it through hard times together. The love is expanded more when they neighbors all join in to help Salma pull off her big surprise.

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