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Superluminous by Ian De Haes

Superluminous, by Ian De Haes, is a beautiful story about sharing your light with others.

In this picture book, you meet a special young girl. Her name is Nour. Nour has a light about her. Wherever she goes, she shines.

Problems start for Nour when she starts school. The kids at school are not impressed by her light. They tell her she doesn't have powers, and she isn't a real superhero. Nour becomes embarrassed by her light, so she starts to hide behind lots of heavy clothes. Slowly, but surely, Nour's light weakens and starts to disappear.

One night, Nour heard her babysitter crying. She was scared of the dark. Nour decided to crawl into her sister's crib and utilize what little light she had left to ease her baby sister's fear. When they wake up, they both are surprised to find that now they both are shining bright.

This moment changes things for Nour. She realizes that her light is not something to be embarrassed about. Instead, she figures out that she can spread her light and share it with others through her kindness and love.

Superluminous is a beautiful picture book with a really special message. I read it, and I immediately called my daughter over so I could read it to her. It is a message that teaches children to shine brightly in this world. It is one I want all children of this world to know and carry with them.

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