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The Ultimate Survival Guide to Bedtime Monsters by Mitch Frost

The Ultimate Survival Guide to Bedtime Monsters, by Mitch Frost, is a book containing the latest, and most scientifically proven, steps for keeping a children's bedroom monster proof.

Any child that has a monster problem with their bedroom only needs to read and follow the specific instructions within this book. After reading this Survival Guide, children will no longer have monster fears relating to their bedtime routines.

While reading The Ultimate Survival Guide to Bedtime Monsters, I found myself smiling and chuckling along. This book was pleasantly cute! It puts a humorous spin on kids' fears of monsters in their bedroom.

I know that young readers will appreciate the easy-to-apply steps to getting rid of any monsters they may feel are in their own bedrooms.

The pictures and layout of the book were also done very well. I loved the bright colors, and I loved how the book was featured within the story itself.

The monster pictures were done in a humorous way that will aid in helping any young readers get over their bedtime fears.

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