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Taylor Before and After by

Taylor Before and After is a story about a young girl dealing with immense grief.

Due to a very tragic accident, Taylor is now moving through life knowing that two of her friends are gone forever. It was a horrible accident, and Taylor should also be gone. But for some reason, she is left alive and must move forward in life with the knowledge of what happened.

Taylor Before and After is told in alternating times. Half of the story is being told from the perspective of the "Taylor Before the Accident" and the other half of the story is told from the perspective of "Taylor After the Accident."

The alternating Taylors provides for deep insight on the effects that grief has taken on Taylor. She is no longer the same person, and she does not look at life with the same innocence and joy as the Taylor before did.

The Taylor After is alone, angry, and barely hanging on by a string. Yet, she must continue living with the knowledge that the accident will no forever be part of what is her life.

In my opinion, the story was deep to the point of almost confusing. I thought the story was thought out, but the lyrical text felt choppy at times.

I found myself having to reread several lines to find the rhythm of what was happening between the plot, the lyrical verse, and the alternating time perspectives.

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