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The Spirit of Springer by Amanda Abler

The Spirit of Springer is a picture book that tells about the real-life rescue of an orphaned baby whale.

The story tells of all the brave men and women that worked together to locate Springer's pod, rehabilitated Springer back to the hearth, and eventually release him back to wild with his family.

The complications for the return of Springer to his family were larger, but everyone knew it was the right thing to do. Together, everyone worked to solve problems and get Springer back to where he belongs.

The Spirit of Springer is a nonfiction book with a narrative format. Students will love hearing about this true story and then seeing the actual pictures located in the back of the book.

I could also see a lot of students doing additional research online to learn even more about Springer and his unique rescue. On top of that, this story would be wonderful to teach text structure, cause and effect, and problem solution.

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