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David Jumps in by Alan Woo

David Jumps In is a story about making new friends.

David is new at his school, and he doesn't know anyone. All-day, he yearns for a friend. By recess time, the yearning is consuming his time outside.

David wonders the playground in search of a place where he belongs. He passes the kids on the swings, the hide-and-seek players, the readers, and the soccer players.

Finally, David comes upon a group of kids playing hopscotch. He decides to invite these kids to play a came of elastic skips. The kids agree and join in on David's fun new game.

Quickly, the game grabs the attention of lots of kids on the playground. David has found a new group of friends, and together they enjoy playing elastic skip with everyone.

David Jumps In is a universal story that all kids can enjoy. It is about the challenge of being new and meeting friends. At some point in life, all kids are going to experience what it is like to be new somewhere.

The illustrations in David Jumps In are airy and light. I loved the gentle pictures that tied in with the sweet message of this story.

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