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Clean Getaway by Nic Stone

Things cannot go that wrong when you go on a road trip with your G'ma.... right?!?

Well, if you are Scoob's, then you are your grandma are about to get into some serious trouble. Not to mention, you both are going to have the trip of your lives all the while getting to know the true stories behind one another.

Scoob's is an 11-year-old boy, and he is in WAY over his head. He just got expelled at school again, and this time he doesn't think he dad is ever going to forgive him. No matter how big of a misunderstanding everything was, Scoob's knows he has let his father down hard.

So why not go along on a road trip with his G'ma? What could hurt? He can't get into any more trouble at this point, right?!?!

In Nic Stone's newest novel, Clean Getaway, Scoob's and his G'ma have a lot they don't know each other.

G'ma is not all she seems to be, and she has some coming clean to do. So the two head off on a road trip that G'ma has dreamed of taking for many years. She needs to make things right, and Scoobs is the perfect companion for the job.

Clean Getaway is a novel with a fresh voice. Scoobs and his G'ma have a loving relationship, but this book proves there is always more to someone's whole story. Together, the two work to make lots of wrongs right and have an adventure that neither of them will ever forget.

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