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Turtle Under Ice by Juleah del Rosario

We all deal with grief and loss in different ways.

Some of us become paralyzed in our lives. We are frozen and stuck. Life seems to move around us, yet we are lost without the one that is gone forever.

Others of us move on. We find happiness again with someone new. They don't replace the person that we have lost, but they do help us put our brokenness back together again. The brokenness then eventually allows happiness to enter our lives once again.

Then, there are those of us that bury ourselves in our work. We focus on everything that must be accomplished, and we do not stop until that task is complete. If we move forward, the grief has to ease... someday...eventually.

Turtle Under Ice, is a powerful novel in verse about a family deep in their grief. Two sisters, Ariana and Rowena, have lost their mother, and they have to rely on each other to get through the pain that now surrounds their lives. Bonded by their loss and love for one another, the two sisters help each other as the days after their mom's death seem to come cascading by.

As their dad remarries and the years continue to pass, the sisters find that their relationship and lives have gone in completely different directions. Now, their dad and stepmom are struggling with their sudden miscarriage, Rowena has disappeared, and Ariana is left alone in the house that seems to have seen more than its fair share of grief.

Turtle Under Ice will break your heart as you read through the struggles of Juleah del Rosario's characters. Grief does unremarkable things to people, and you never know how you are supposed to move on. Through the mesmerizing lyrics of this story, you will follow along on the girls' separate, but intertwined, journey to find themselves again.

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