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Blue Skies by Anne Bustard

Blue Skies, by Anne Bustard, won my heart within the first few pages. It was just one of those books that you cannot put down.

In the story, Blue Skies, you will meet a spirited 10-year-old named Glory Bea Bennett. Glory Bea lives in a tiny town called Gladiola, Texas, and they are excitedly waiting for the gratitude train from France, and Glory Bea is sure that the Gratitude Train will have the ultimate gift aboard for her.

France is sending a train full of boxes cares to the United States. Each box care is full of gifts and tokens of gratitude to thank the people of America for their support of France in World War II.

Glory Bea's father was lost at the Battle of Omaha. She is positive that her miracle is on its way to the Gratitude Train. She knows within her whole heart that he will be on that train, and she eagerly begins preparations to make is welcome home the perfect even.

Trouble hits Glory Bea's plan when a new relationship begins to blossom between her mother and her father's best army buddy. Glory Bea is determined to stop the relationship. She knows her father is returning home, and she will make sure absolutely nothing, or no one, gets in the way of her family reuniting once and for all.

Blue Skies is a novel that will make your heart soar. You will cheer on Glory Bea as you will her determination and faith to be right with the returning of her father. Your heart will break in the knowledge of what we know and Glory Bea is fighting to not be true.

For as history tells it, many men were forever lost of the beaches of Omaha, and one of those men just might be someone she knows.

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