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Twisted Fairy Tales: Snow White and the Seven Robots by Stewart Ross

Snow White and the Seven Robots is a modern retelling of a classic fairy tale.

Snow White must build a feast of the creatures she has found on a strange new planet. If she doesn't grow them new food, she will become their next meal.

Snow White needs help, so she builds her seven robots in hopes they will help her keep from becoming the space creature's next meal. After Snow White's successful harvest, the creatures, robots, and Snow White become close new friends.

The Evil Star Queen is furious so she sends a poison apple to harm Snow White. Snow White falls under the trance of the apple. It doesn't take long until Prince Cosmo comes and joins the creatures and robots in the journey to save their dear friend.

Snow White and the Seven Robots is a wild retelling of the classic we grew up in. Readers will love the space theme, aliens, and adorable-looking robots.

In my opinion, I thought the story was a bit choppy. However, I would utilize the story if I were comparing fairy tales versions with my students. Young readers will easily be able to make connections between the classic fairy-tale and this galatic-version.

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