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Twisted Fairy Tales: The Ninjabread Man

Twisted Fairy Tales: The Ninjabread Man is a hilarious retelling of the gingerbread story we all know and love.

In the story, you will be an old ninja couple. Their adventurous days of being ninjas are over, but they still wish to have one grand adventure... a ninja child of their own.

The seek of in search of guidance from the Crafty Fox. He consults them to make a gingerbread child with "a pinch of lemon to make him speedy, a teaspoon of ginger to make him sneaky, and just a touch of hot wasabi powder to make him brave."

The two ninjas follow Crafty Fox's instructions to the best of their abilities. After all, it is hard to remember so many details. After some time in the oven, their little Ninjabread Man jumps out and begins to create havoc wherever he goes.

The couple once again turns to Crafty Fox for help to stop their Ninjabread Man. He agrees and brings along some of his fellow animal friends. Time-after-time, the Ninjabread Man alludes to the group trying to stop him from his wild ways. That is... until Crafty Fox comes up with one final idea.

Twisted Fairy Tales: The Ninjabread Man is a story that readers everywhere will enjoy. What is not to love? It is ninja mixed in with a classic fairy tale.

As a classroom teacher, I would absolutely utilize this book to teach my fairytale unit. The Common Core requires students to look at different versions of the same story, and fairytales are often the best fit for this task.

Ninjabread Man is a version that I know will quickly become most of my students' favorite version.

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