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A Pound of Kindness by Doug Cornfield

Dave and his classmates just received some amazing news! Their teacher surprised them with an announcement of a field trip to the Fire Station. Everyone in the class is so excited.

But the excitement for Dave is short-lived. As his teacher further discusses the details of the field trip, he quickly realizes that his class will have to walk the several blocks to the fire station.

For most kids, the walk would not be a problem. But for Dave, a child with leg braces, the walk is a huge stressor. He is worried that his class will have to wait for him, and he fears that if he has to make the long walk to the fire station with his crutches that he might have to stop and take several breaks on the way.

The last thing Dave wants to do is slow down his class, so he decides it would be best for him to be sick. Dave’s parents refuse to believe his sick story, and they send him off on the field trip with the rest of his class.

As Dave begins the slow walk to the fire station, his anxiety is at an all-time high. That quickly changes when Dave’s classmate, Ernie Pound, walks up to him. Ernie has brought his wagon to pull Dave along during the walk.

Now instead of being the classmate that is holding everyone back, Dave is now the classmate his peers are dying to take turns pushing down the street.

The kindness of his classmates made the field trip just perfect for Dave. He got to enjoy the day at the fire station right along with his peers. His classmates cared for him and showed through their actions that they love Dave, leg braces and all.

A Pound of Kindness is a true story based on the true childhood friends of Dave Clark and Ernie Pound. I love this story because it is an amazing reminder of the good within our children.

Through the examples set by the students in this book, other kids will learn how important it is to love and care for everyone and their differences.

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