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William's Getaway by Annika Dunklee

A typical day in my house involves two precarious little ones. I have a daughter who is six, and a son who recently turned two. My son loves everything about his sister. He adores her, and he wants to do anything sissy does exactly the way she does it.

Usually, my daughter goes along with it really well. However, there are times when she declares that she is in need of a "brother break."

William, in Annika Dunklee's new picture book titled William's Getaway, is just like my daughter. He has a little brother named Edgar who copies everything he does. After a little bit too much brother time, William declares that he needs a getaway, and he heads outside to his hot air balloon.

Just like it happens in my house, it doesn't take long for the little Edgar to find William. But this time, instead of giving William his space, he decides to join William in his hot air balloon. However, there is one big problem. Edgar, William's little brother, is afraid to climb up to the air balloon.

Instead of taking the opportunity to keep Edgar out of his quiet space, William puts aside his frustration and reaches his hand out to Edgar. Together, the two of them work alongside each other to conquer Edgar's fear of heights.

William's Getaway is a gentle story about the special bond between two siblings. It is the perfect book right now for my daughter. I love how William puts aside his desire for quiet in order to continue to make the choice to be kind to his sibling. He is a great model for my daughter as she is learning to manage the challenging realities of having a little sibling.

I also loved the surprising twist with the hot air balloon. Throughout the story, I was trying to understand why William would escape to a hot air balloon. I kept thinking to myself that the story would make so much more sense if he escaped to a tree-house or something.

I shouldn't have had any worries because all makes sense in the end of this story. The truth behind the hot air balloon is revealed, and I ended up loving the story exactly the way it was... no tree-house needed!

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