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Pierre & Paul: Avalanche! by Caroline Adderson

Pierre & Paul: Avalanche is a cute story about two young explorers heading out on a grand adventure. They barely get started before they realize that they have forgotten to bring snacks.

Quickly they head home and begin to build a sandwich. Unfortunately, the two explorers declare the sandwich to be too dull for their adventurous ways. Just then, Pierre & Paul decide to explore with their food and build the world's most adventurous sandwich ever!

Pierre & Paul: Avalanche is a story told from two different languages. What is unique about this story is that both languages carry the story further. Most dual-language stories are just a repetition of the primary language exactly. This is not the case with this story. Instead, the languages piggy-back off of each other, and even at times, the languages are utilized in isolation of each other.

The dual-language utilization makes this picture book a challenge! Readers are going go have to infer closely in order to follow the events of the story. I think this is a great trait of the story, and it offers a multicultural experience for readers.

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