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Usha and the Stolen Sun by Bree Galbraith

Usha and the Stolen Sun is a beautiful picture book with a powerful message.

Usha lives in a small village. For years, she has heard the stories from her grandfather. He tells of the sun. His stories reign of the sun's beauty and warmth. Usha yearns to experience what she has only ever heard her grandfather describe.

She sets off to find the sun.

From the many years of hearing her grandfather's stories about the sun, Usha knows that it became hidden after a wall was built a long time before she was even born. She sets off walking in search of the truth of the sun and its disappearance from her world.

After many days and nights, Usha comes across a wall. To her, she knows that this wall has to be what her grandfather has always talked about. Slowly, she approaches the wall only to be met by several people just on the other side.

Together, Usha and the others break down the wall. Once finished, they quickly discover that those opposite the wall are just like them. They join together to become fast friends, and Usha rejoices in the return of her grandfather's beloved sun.

Usha and the Stolen Sun tells about the beauty of caring for others. It celebrates the breaking down of the literal, and figurative, walls in the world that divide us from the joy of one and another. It is one of those children's books that our world needs in the world today.

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