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Trending by Kira Vermond

Trending, by Kira Vermond, is a well-designed and written book about the current power of popularity.

In this nonfiction book, kids will be introduced to all types of trends that have happened throughout history. It tells about the good, bad, and weird things that have grown immensely popular to the point that they are earned the title of a "trend."

Trending was so much more than I expected it would be. When I first saw this book, I assumed it would be all about social media trends. While it does mention social media at points, many of the trends that were highlighted happened years ago during times when social media, and even cell phones, were nonexistent.

Trending is fascinating, and I found myself engrossed with all the information I was learning. The book will absolutely trigger the interest of students today, and it is a great new addition to the nonfiction world of children's literature.

I would recommend this book for kids that are reading at a middle school, or above level, It has a lot of text, and it is not a super easy read. There is nothing inappropriate in the book. It's just complex and readers need to be able to have the skills necessary to understand and breakdown all that they will learn in this book.

As a fourth grade teacher, I could definitely see my high-level students doing pretty well with this book. It would be the best fit for those students that truly do have advanced nonfiction reading skills. It is a challenging, but well-worth-it read!

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