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Tweet Cute by Emma Lord

What could go wrong when two opposing restaurants start a massive Twitter war on social media?

Naturally, things couldn't get messier or worse when the faces behind the Twitter fiasco are high schoolers who have no idea they are the ones communicating together.

Add in some teenage tensions and eventual crushes, and you have the makings for a fun YA read.

Tweet Cute, by Emma Lord, is a story of love mixed in with a lot of social media. Like all things with social media, it gets messy.... quickly!

In this story, you will meet Pepper and Jack. The two couldn't be more different. Pepper is at the top of her prestigious class. She is known for being smart and doing everything perfectly.

Jack, is not at all like Pepper. Jack is the class clown who always seems to be outshined by his popular twin brother. Naturally, the two have nothing in common and struggle to get along when they are both paired together as swim team captains.

Tensions grow even higher when you learn that the two both belong to restaurant families. Pepper's mom and dad started Big League Burger. Once their own little restaurant, Big League Burger is now one of the top food chains in the Nation, and it is planning on crushing Jack's family business called Girl Cheesing. Girl Cheesing is a local favorite, but it doesn't seem to have all the bells and whistles as Big League.

Determined to not let Big League win, Jack calls out Big League's copying of their famous grilled cheese on Twitter. This sparks an all-out Twitter-war when Big League's responses are less than sympathetic.

The stress between the social media feud becomes more and more overwhelming for Jack and Pepper, and they find themselves both confiding on a school app called Weazel.

Here, the students of their school can be anonymous, and they can support each other through the everyday pressures of attending a prestigious high school in New York City. Little do either of them know, their lives may soon get even more complicated when they learn who the real identities are behind their Weazel profiles.

Tweet Cute, by Emma Lord, is the perfect story for this fun YA read. I thought the story was predictable, but light. I loved the drama that all conspired with social media because I feel it is so relevant to today's teenagers.

The characters of Pepper and Jack were real and complicated. They both struggled with dealing with the pressures of growing up, all the while trying to please the intense demands of their families. Little do these to know, but the answer to all their problems may just be one another.

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