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Wanted! Criminals of the Animal Kingdom by Heather Tekavec

Wanted! Criminals of the Animal Kingdom is a fun picture book that teaches you all about the "crimes" being committed in the animal kingdom.

Throughout this book, you will find yourself along for a "wild" ride with the vivacious Detective X. Detective X is a polar bear, and one of the best officers out there for putting these criminals behind bars for good.

This picture book will be one your children will enjoy. It is a fun turn on an ordinary animal book. Instead of just being a fact book about animals, this picture book spins each animal into a criminal based on one of their specific animal adaptations or traits.

The illustrations in this book are the perfect mix of educational and fun. I loved how the animals were personified based on the crime they were found to have committed.

Young readers will love digging into the case files of each feature animal. The case files are designed to look like a real officer's criminal file, but they are packed full of facts about each animal.

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