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What is Baby Going to Do? by Laura Knowles

Babies deserve great books.

They may be small, but that doesn't mean the quality of books they are exposed to should lack in any way.

What is Baby Going to Do? is an adorable flap book that babies everywhere are going to love. I thought it was adorable, well-illustrated, and designed in a manner that will be both educational and entertaining for our littlest readers.

Throughout the story, you will see babies dressed in different types of clothing. One baby has a swimsuit, one has a warm winter hat, and one is even wearing her dinner all over her. As you flip the pages of each of these scenarios, you will see the ways that the item baby is wearing relates to the activity he or she is completing.

For example, the baby in a swimsuit is splashing in her baby pool. The baby in a woolly hat is sledding outside with his dad. And naturally, the baby with food all over her is heading straight to the bathtub!

The flap design for this book is a perfect match for the illustrations. I would love reading this book with any little one. It would be so fun to guess with them what the item of clothing is for. Maybe the warm hat is for sledding? Or maybe it was for building a snowman? Catching snowflakes on your tongue? Finding a perfect Christmas tree?

The possibilities with each scenario are endless, and you are for sure going to love reading this with your littlest readers.

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