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How to Make a Shark Smile by

How to Make a Shark Smile is a fun social-emotional book about the power of making the choice to be happy.

In this story, Ripple, the dolphin helps all the other fish in his tank make the choice to be happy. His kindness and job quickly spreads throughout the whole fish tank. It even finds its way to the mean... SHARK!

Due to Ripple's encouragement, shark and all the other fish agree to choose to be happy and play together. In the end, they have an amazing time, and they are so glad they allowed happiness to take hold of their day.

How to Make a Shark Smile would be a great educational book to help those students that struggle with choosing to be happy. It is also a great resource that teaches about the power happiness has to help and encourage one another.

I would recommend this book for lower elementary school. The included strategies are realistic and would be very easy for these young students to understand and apply.

The utilization of animals to help tell the story and practice the strategies will also apply to these young students.

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