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Teddy Bear of the Year by Vikki VanSickle

Ollie is a teddy-bear who loves his little girl, Amena. He is there for her always, and he never misses his chance for a cuddle with his favorite girl.

In Vikki VanSickle's new picture book, Teddy Bear of the Year, Ollie gets a huge surprise when a magical ship arrives for him just outside of Amena's bedroom. Inside the ship, there is another teddy bear. He introduces himself as Snuggles, aka The Snug.

The Snug tells Ollie that every year there is a Teddy Bears' Picnic, and it is his job to pick up the newest teddy bears. That is why he is here to fetch Ollie.

Ollie agrees to join The Snug, but first, he leaves his beloved Amena with one last snuggle.

At the Teddy Bears' Picnic, Ollie has a wonderful time. He meets lots of new friends, plays fun games, and even gets to try the delicious honey tarts.

To end the celebration, The Teddy Bears' Association holds an award ceremony for the best teddy bears of the year. Ollie is amazed at the bravery all his fellow bears have shown for their kids, and he wishes he could be like some of them.

To Ollie's utmost surprise, the award for Teddy Bear of the Year goes to .... him! He is shocked and honored to be viewed as a teddy who always knows exactly how to cuddle his kid.

You and your little ones are sure to love this sweet picture book. Ollie is a character that you will instantly love. He is humble, gentle, and he wants only what is best for his Amena.

In addition to a beautiful story, the illustrations are soft and match the story perfectly.

I thought the combination of Vikki Vansickle's characters and Sydney Hanson's illustration was a match made in heaven!

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