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Every Other Weekend by Abigail Johnson

Sometimes life throws you curves.

Maybe that curve comes to you through a sudden event, a choice, or maybe due to circumstances that you have zero control over.

For Adam and Jolene, in the story titled Every Other Weekend, life seems to throw them each a series of curves. And coincidentally, it has also seemed to throw these two strangers together through the turmoil that is their lives.

Adam's life used to be so simple. He lived quietly in the country with his loving parents and two brothers. But that life doesn't exist anymore. After the death of his older brother, nothing seems to be simple or quiet anymore. Adam's parents can't get along. His father has moved away, and now Adam is finding himself spending every other weekend at his dad's new apartment.

Jolene's life is also organized into a detailed pattern of "dad's weekends" and "mom's." However, neither of her parents seem to care what Jolene does as long as the other parent doesn't get more than their fair share. Thrown in the mess of what used to be her parent's marriage, Jolene's life is now depicted by the arguments and decisions between each of their lawyers. Left all alone, it is up to Jolene to figure out what is next in her life as she waits until she is old enough to control her freedom.

It doesn't take long for Jolene and Adam to meet. Adam's dad is now the apartment manager of Jolene's dad's new place, and the windows in their rooms look out to each other. The two seem to weirdly connect on the chaos of their lives, and soon find themselves spending all their time together.

As the weekend's come and go, Jolene and Adam's friendship turns into something deeper. However, life for them isn't doing throwing more curves. The two now must find a way to help each other our of their messes or part ways forever.

Every Other Weekend is a raw story on the realities of divorce, abuse, grief, and neglect. The characters deal with real-life issues, and Abigail Johnson wasn't afraid to approach those realities within her story. The changing perspectives of the story allow you to get to know the characters and understand what all they are up against.

In my opinion, Every Other Weekend is well-written. It is real life, and it is messy. I would be aware that abuse and neglect are present in this story. Make sure that this book is put in the hands of someone ready and able to take on those topics with maturity and strength.

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