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The Chalk Giraffe by Kirsty Paxton

The Chalk Giraffe is a fun modern-day version of a circle story. From the beginning, it reminded me of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Joffe Nummeroff. The demands of the giraffe at the beginning of the book made me have flashbacks to the very demanding little mouse.

Unlike If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, the Chalk Giraffe learns a lesson. After getting angry at the little girl who drew him, the two start over on a new day. Together, the little artist and the giraffe create a beautiful world for giraffe to live in. They create a stunning jungle complete with lots of animal friends. At the end of the story, giraffe even gets a girl giraffe to keep him company.

The chalk versions of the illustrations were a perfect match for the story. I loved how the emulated how a child would be indeed drawing chalk sketches just like the little girl does throughout the text. The pictures were fun, bright, and I see children adoring them.

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