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Love Sugar Magic: A Mixture of Mischief By Anna Meriano

Sugar…. Floor…. Baking…..Magic?!?

These images seem to be an extraordinary combination for a loving family that owns and runs their bakery. In Love Sugar Magic: A Mixture of Mischief, by Anna Meriano, the magical inclusion into their bakery world is what makes their baking perfection and this story extra sweet.

Love Sugar Magic is a trio of middle-level novels that kids will love pouring themselves into. Each story is packed full of new adventures, wonderful treats, and the love of a family who just so happens to have magic powers.

Love Sugar Magic: A Mixture of Mischief is the third book in the Love Sugar Magic series by Anna Meriano. In this story, you are once again reunited with the protagonist Leo, the youngest daughter of the Logroño family.

At this point in Leo's life, Leo is deep into her training as a magical witch. Every woman in her family has been given a birth power, and Leo is just waiting to figure out what hers will be.

But with four older sisters, waiting seems to be the entire theme of Leo's life. She doesn't want to keep being patient, and she wants to step into a larger role within her family's bakery, Amor y Azúcar Panadería.

Things seem to stir up for the family when an unwanted guest makes his presence known again. His name is Abuelo Logroño, and he is the magic patriarch on Leo's father's side. But unlike Leo's mother's side, Abuelo Logroño uses his magical powers to gain control and hurt others he feels are beneath him.

After making his presence known to Leo, Abuelo Logroño announces to Leo that her powers are stronger than any other member of her family. She will need his support to grow into him, especially when Leo makes a startling discovery that she can make herself turn invisible.

Leo confesses to her family that she has been visited by Abuelo Logroño, and it doesn't take long for the Logroño family to realize that his intentions are not good. Things are going south quickly at the bakery. Magical family heirlooms are disappearing, their landlord has raised their rent exponentially, and a new bakery is opening in their small town.

Without a doubt, the family knows that these trials are all due to their conniving works of their cruel grandfather.

The family knows that the only way to stop Abuelo Logroño is to join all their powers and efforts together. Only then will they be strong enough to defeat him, his followers, and bring goodwill back into their beloved bakery.

Love Sugar Magic is a story that all readers will find themselves getting mixed up in. The story is full of mystery, but it is one that allows the reader to join in with the characters. Young readers will love reading along as they too try to figure out Leo's powers and the mystery behind the harm coming down on Amor y Azúcar Panadería.

What I love most about this story is that the family's love is what pulls them through time and time again. It is a theme that is present in every one of the Love Sugar Magic books.

This family is the true magic of the stories. They know that their powers individually could never surpass their abilities that they have when they join together in love, and that message continually reigns supreme throughout every trial that comes their way.

Love Sugar Magic is a series that I would recommend to any reader. It has everything that makes a wonderful story: beloved characters, good defeating evil, and love being the greatest magic of all. Any reader that picks up a Love Sugar Magic story will be in for one wonderful treat.

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