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Hope: Project Middle School by Alyssa Milano

In two years, my fourth-graders are heading to middle school. They will get to join five other elementary schools into one school. They will get to switch classes, and they will get to start to focus on areas that they love.

For so many students, this transition will be a little bit scary, but it is also so exciting for them. They will be taking a big step in growing up, and that is exactly what the main character in Hope: Project Middle School is doing.

Hope Roberts is exactly in this same position are my, and many others, students are. She is starting a new middle school, and she is worried about how to stay friends with her best friend all the while joining into the new things that her middle school has to offer.

To start, Hope joins the science club. They have a huge competition coming up, and Hope wants to prove herself. She decides to take on a huge programming portion of the project.

Hope feels that if she can successfully code this huge portion of the science fair project, then she will finally find her place in this new world of middle school.

When a disaster happens, and Hope finds that her choices have ended up ruining the science project for everyone. Hope is devastated. On top of that, everyone is angry at Hope for running their project right before the big science fair.

It is going to take Hope digging down deep to figure out how to get herself out of this science mess and finally find out how she is going to fit into middle school once and for all.

Be sure to check out Hope: Project Middle School to see just exactly how Hope figures her way out of this disastrous mess she has made.

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