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The Trouble with Shooting Stars by Meg Cannistra

Magic exists in the most unlikely of places. One just has to be brave enough to open their eyes to the unexplained. In Meg Cannistra’s novel, The Trouble with Shooting Stars, magic will come in through the form of new friendships, enduring love, and lots of magical stars.

The Trouble with Shooting Stars is a new novel about a young girl who has just been in a horrible car accident. Luna is twelve-years-old, and her life no longer resembles the happy life she only minutes ago seemed to have.

Now instead of having a best friend, a happy family, and a normal face, Luna's life now consists of hiding in her room alone, parents who always seem to fight, and a face mask that may never again fix what was once her normal face.

Luna's heart and life are in turmoil. How is she ever supposed to move forward with a broken family, a dad in a wheelchair, and her face all messed up. No matter what she does, Luna finds herself stuck.

To pass the time, she often watches her neighborhood from outside on her roof. It is during her time alone that she discovers there seems to be something magical going on with her new neighbors moving in next door.

Luna’s curiosity gets to her, and she sets off to explore her new neighbors one day. It doesn’t take long for her suspicions to be magically confirmed. In her efforts to learn more, Luna is caught spying by the two children that live next door. Their names are Alessandro and Chiara, and they are spazzatrici.

They must care for the stars and the moons. Every night the siblings ride their ship into the sky to clean and care for moon and stars. And this time, they want to know if Luna would like to join them.

Luna follows her curiosity and sets off into the night sky for the adventure of a lifetime. Through this adventure and many more, Luna learns of the magic and healing powers of the stars. She feels this is her way of returning her life to normal.

To Luna, she believes catching a shooting star and making her desired wish would allow her to reverse the events of the accident that has ruined her life.

The Trouble with Shooting Stars is a moving story about the wishes we have that we often can never have fulfilled. Luna is faced with a desire to erase the hurt that she feels is responsible for the heartache.

What she doesn't know, and will learn through her journey in the story, is that the real magic to solve all her problems lies within herself. Luna's life will forever be impacted by the accident; however, it is her strength that will help her move forward to learn and grow on what has happened in the past.

The message of this story is clear and one that all students should be able to hear. Life is one that will throw you curve-balls. Students will all have their challenges given to them at some point.

Although their journey may be different than Luna, they can still learn from her strength as she took the brave steps to move forward with her life.

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