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Unicorn Training by Amanda Brandon

Raise your hand if you have a child obsessed with unicorns right now!

Hello, huge hands up for me! My daughter is in a full-out unicorn-crazed phase right now. We cannot literally go nowhere without running into something unicorn-themed. At the sight at any new unicorn, we are embraced with the six-year-old high-pitched squeal of delight.

Why not embrace the unicorn phase of our children by giving them some great unicorn-themed books to love and adore?

To start, I want to share the book, Unicorn Training, by Amanda Brandon. Unicorn Training is an adorable picture book about a little girl named Tilly and her rescued unicorn. Tilly meets her special unicorn at the Unicorn Rescue.

From the moment see sees Splodge, she knows he is the unicorn for her. Her parents question Tilly's decision. Splodge is everything but the perfect picture of a unicorn. He is rough around the edges, not great at listening, and he seems to have a knack for chewing dad's slippers.

None-the-less, Tilly knows Splodge is the unicorn for her. She brings him home, and she beings the tough process of training Splodge. At first, things don't go well at all. But through Tilly's persistence and love, Splodge learns to behave and he becomes the unicorn Tilly knew he could always be.

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