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Bears Make Best Writing Buddies by

Bears Make Best Writing Buddies is a cute story about a bear helping a child get his story writing started.

In this story, you will meet two children, Theo and Adelaide. Theo is stuck with his writing assignment. He has no idea what to write about, so he just sits. As he stares at his blank page, Adelaide notices her friend's struggle. She leaves her seat to grab their friend, Bear. After all, Adelaide knows that bears are the best writing buddies.

Together, Bear and Adelaide help their friend Theo through the writing process. They remind him to leave finger spaces, add details, and tell the story from his own voice. They even coach Theo through creating new drafts after his first draft. Because, after all, writers always revise and edit their work.

Bears Make Best Writing Buddies is a picture book that will be a great resource for any primary teachers that are embarking on teaching their students about the writing process. All of the elements are there. If I were teaching younger grades, I would absolutely utilize this book to help explain the importance of the writing process.

As a 4th-grade teacher, I would likely not pull this book into my classroom. It was beautifully-designed for younger grades, and I think that is where it will shine. 4th-graders have outgrown this story a bit, so it doesn't fit our curriculum as well as it would fit the younger grades.

If you love Bears Make Best Writing Buddies, be sure to check out the other books in this series. Currently, you can also purchase Bears Make Best Math Buddies and Bears Make Best Reading Buddies.

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