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One More Time by Nancy Loewen and Hazel Michelle Quintanilla

One More Time is a sweet book. It is the perfect book to teach your littlest readers about the power of perseverance.

In this story, a little boy gets a new scooter. His grandfather takes him out to learn how to use it. It doesn't take long for the little boy to realize that riding a scooter is not an easy thing to do. He quickly decides that he is ready to give up.

Through the encouragement and love of his grandfather, the little boy makes the decision to give the scooter another try. This time, he finds success!

One More Time is a simple story with a powerful message. No matter how little our readers our, they are never too young to learn about the power of trying when you first don't succeed.

Along with the beautiful message, One More Time has gentle illustrations. I feel the limited usage of colors and backgrounds made the message of the story reign supreme.

I highly recommend One More Time for any preschool readers in search of a great book!

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