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The Kingdom of Glee by Nickolas Tana

The Kingdom of Glee is a bright picture that teaches the true meaning of happiness.

The Kingdom of Glee is the perfect kingdom. Everyone is happy, kind, and they enjoy their lives together. King Gentle is in charge of protecting his kingdom.

No so far away from the Kingdom of Glee there is a kingdom that is nothing like the Kingdom of Glee. This kingdom is unhappy, depressed, and dismisses the joyfulness of their close neighbors. This place is known as the Kingdom of Angry, and it is ruled by the wicked wizard named Wroth.

Determined to destroy the Kingdom of Glee, Wroth decides to send three horrible monsters to destroy the happiness of the Glee. The first month he sends is Lethargos, and he makes everyone lazy and unwilling to work.

The Kingdom of Glee comes to a standstill as no one seems to be motivated to complete their daily tasks. Through the cunningness of their King Gentle and the yumminess of his stew, this monster is tricked to leave the kingdom.

Angry at Lethargos inability to destroy the Kingdom of Glee, Wroth sends Envy, the green monster, in his place. Envy does quick work through the Kingdom of Glee. But once again, the love and intelligence of King Gentle is able to defeat Envy.

Last, but not least, the angry Wroth sends the meanest monster of all to finish the Kingdom of Glee forever. This time he sends the monster named Thoughtless to the Kingdom of Glee. Thoughtless spreads his selfishness through the lands of the Kingdom of Glee.

Distraught from the behavior of his once happy subjects, King Gentle decides to share his secrets of happiness to this last monster.

It is through this moment that the Kingdom of Glee may finally have a chance to save themselves forever.

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